A car that is driven daily can easily become messy, untidy, and disorganized. If you take children to school or commute with others in your car, you can have spills and food in it. Without proper care, you will have spill, food, and emergency items scattered all over your car. To avoid this, here are useful hacks to help you keep your vehicle organized and tidy.

Keep Tools Organized

Invest in a tool organizer that comes with a lid for keeping extra parts and tools. Such an organizer is easy to find in a craft store or a home improvement store. An organizer with longer sections can hold pliers, screwdrivers, and even other items. You can hold filters, hose fittings, and other items in the other compartments.

Buy Store Baskets

Balancing fast foods on laps leads to spilling them over the seats and floor of your car. To avoid this, invest in store baskets that come with handles. Such baskets will enable you to store your burger, fries and drinks while driving. They also make balancing fast food meals on the lap easier. What’s more, the baskets have easy-to-reach handles.

Be Keen on Loose Items

Hang loose items like umbrellas and purse from your headrest with carabineer clips. These clips prevent sliding or rolling of these items under the car seat. They also keep prevent dumping of the purse when brakes are hit hard.

Covered dollar store totes can be used to organize the cargo or trunk area. A single tote can hold reusable bags from the grocery. Items stored in the vehicle should be kept in labeled, zippered pouches and put in covered totes.

Small items like hair ties and charging cords should be kept in plastic q- tip containers. They can also be kept in console to make them easy to reach.

Trash Organization

Make sure that your car has a plastic bag for trash. Have bags in your tissue box to ensure that you don’t have to struggle to find a replacement bag.

Try these hacks to keep your vehicle organized and tidy whether you use it alone or with loved ones.