The proliferation of information online is entirely instrumental in spreading knowledge. However, it has also made it increasingly difficult to distinguish facts from fiction. The following are common myths that collision centers often tell their customers. 

You Must Choose the Collision Repair Shop That Your Insurance Company Recommends 

Insurance companies usually have a list of recommended or suggested auto collision repair shops, but you are always free to choose that shop you want. The law does not allow an insurance company to dictate where to take your car for repair. So, choose a collision center that you trust. 

You Can Only Get OEM Parts from Dealers 

OEM parts can help increase your car’s resale value, and some collision centers will tell you that you can only get them from dealers. Although most insurance companies provide coverage for aftermarket parts, collision centers can still get OEM parts if you need them. Some shops may even offer discounts on OEM parts. 

Nobody Can Fix the Car Frame Once It is Damaged 

Most collision centers will use that line to get you to spend more on them by replacing the body frame after an accident or minor damage. Frames on modern cars usually come in various parts that can be easily removed and replaced if one or more gets damaged. Replacing the entire structure is only necessary if the damage is so extensive that no expert can fix it. 

You Must Get Three Estimates to Receive Insurance Cover 

It is advisable to get estimates from a few collision shops to compare the rates, but it is not a legal obligation stipulated by auto insurers. Nevertheless, asking for recommendations from friends, colleagues, and family can save you time and money when seeking auto collision repair.  

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can be frustrating and costly. Having a clear idea of how to proceed can help you reduce stress and avoid problems with auto body technicians and insurance companies.