LD-80 Cable

The LD-80 Connector was developed by Losch in 1994 to be compatible with the 4 x 10mm Industrial Interface Standard and the Mitsubishi D-80 fiber optic cables. The extremely accurate Losch LD-80 connector allowed for plug-and play connections without system re-alignment, as well as lower cost cable repolish and repair costs.

Low OH- and High OH- fluorine-doped silica clad fiber with the standard 0.22NA (numerical aperture) are inventoried in core sizes from 100 to 1000 microns. Silica cladding thicknesses range from 20 to 40 microns for effective waveguides from the UV to near IR. GI (graded index) fiber is also available. See Reference Section.

Losch uses silica fiber coated with silicone and nylon for high power applications. The low-index silicone (1.39) performs as both a protective coating and secondary waveguide to channel cladding modes to the output end of the fiber.

The standard cable has a flexible steel armored cable commonly referred to as squarelock, with an outer diameter of 8.5mm, although both smaller and larger diameters are available. The green flexible vinyl commonly indicates fiber with an SI (step-index) fiber. Yellow vinyl jacketing is used to identify cables with GI (graded index) fiber, and custom colors are also available. If cables are to be subjected to low vacuum applications, or are to be AR (anti-reflective) coated, bare cable is recommended.

Unique to the Losch cables are the round metal “cuffs” in black or colored anodized aluminum that attach the cable to the connector. The Cuffs permit removal of the LD-80 connector for repair and also provide an area for laser-engraving of a company logo or ID.

See Reference Section for power handling capabilities of LD-80 Cables.

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