Important things about Portable Induction cooktops

There is no doubt about the rising popularity of portable induction cooktop all over world over. Many people are attracted to the various advantages brought about by compact, lightweight induction cooktops that can be easily handled and conveniently moved.

Be it a family buying it as an extra supplementary kitchenware, a student limited by space or just someone wanting a feel of induction cooktops before they make a purchase, single and double burner induction cooktops are gaining popularity among the masses.

Some of the advantages associated with portable induction cooktops include:

  1. Ease of movement and storage- their compactness make them highly movable and easily stored and are thus popular with people who are on the move or have relocated somewhere temporarily
  2. Efficiency- Portable induction cookpot are known for their increased efficiency in electricity use with some using as much as 70% less energy than thermal flames.
  3. Safety and ease of cleaning- Due to their simple designs and lightweight material. They do not have the contours and crevices characteristic of these other larger cooktops thus are easily cleaned. They are also not as easily prone to accidents as compared to the larger versions.

Some factors for consideration before choosing a good portable induction cooktop include the following:

  1. Weight and Size- Just because they are marketed as portable does not mean they are all compact and of the same size. Some are more compact than others and thus it is worth taking a little time to compare factors such as weight and size in order to make an informed choice on the best cooktop for your need.
  2. Power- This also varies and it is therefore prudent to compare wattage in order to come up with the best portable gadget for your everyday cooking needs.
  3. Additional features- This include the various automatic features such as sensors for overheating, functionalities for child lock, preset menus and other enhanced capabilities that make the cooktop stand out from the rest of the competition.

From the above metrics, it’s clear that portable induction cooktop is differentiated from each other thus requires proper judgment in order to choose the best. After conducting extensive research, some of the best portable induction cooktops I came across include:

  1. NuWave PIC Titanium

This 1800-watt portable induction cooker is an improvement of the original PIC and has capabilities of five-degree heat adjustments, enabling very precise control of temperature. The previous version could only manage heat adjustments of 10 degrees thus pointing to the very big strides made by the NuWave PIC Titanium. Its auto pan feature is enhanced such that a user can remove the cooking vessel and replace it within ten seconds and resume cooking without the need to restart the gadget.

  1. Duxtop Ultrathin 9300ST

At 1500-watts, the Duxtop Ultrathin 9300ST boasts of less power than the Duxtop Ultrathin 9300ST (1800-watt) but is still popular with users looking for compactness and a sleek design. It weighs in at a paltry 6.5 pounds and is ideal for moving around. It has an inbuilt digital timer can be set up to a maximum of 170 minutes while temperatures can be adjusted from 140-460 degrees Fahrenheit, thus making it ideal for ultra-precise heating.

  1. Max Burton 6400

This is a 7.8 pound, 1800-wattinduction cooktop that aims to provide a complete cooking experience through easy user interface by use of simple, easily distinguishable and accessible buttons and knobs. It provides for ten heat power levels and can be adjusted from 100-450 degrees Fahrenheit, thus providing for far greater temperature controls than most normal portable induction cooktops which provide for eight power levels.

  1. Aroma AID-509

This is built to combine affordability and dependability, as is evidenced by its many enhanced features that may not be found on many induction cooktops of its category. For example, its timer function is enhanced such that after the maximum 180 minutes allowed elapses, a loud beep is produced followed by a subsequent shift to ‘warm mode’. It has six heat levels and is adjustable from an impressive 120 watts to 1500 watts.

Portable induction cooktop has their advantages over the normal 30-inch and 36-inch cooktops and are thus being considered by more and more people. It is thus important to be keen enough identify the good products and not to rush for just any mediocre gadget in the market.

Willard Bennett