Everything You Need to Know About the Fulvic Acid

One of the most famous of organic compound that has unlimited benefits, found in soil, water bodies and rock sediments: fulvic acid. Over the years of keen research, a lot of its benefits have surfaced that include gut health, immune system, etc. It is found in various places in nature as a product of the decomposition of organic matter and release of thousands of “good bacteria”.

How Does Fulvic Acid Work?

Usually taken as a supplement, fulvic acid comes come in two forms, in a liquid form or as a solid mineral substance. As compared to the other organisms extracted from soil, the quality of fulvic acid is that it very easily passes through the cell membrane. That not only allow it to be easily absorbed but also improves the assimilation of any other nutrients and supplements.

This is something that makes it very ideal not just for the human body but also for the plant body. It allows the plant cells to be permeable enough to absorb the nutrients to their maximum potential, straight from the ground.


It’s structured is actually one of its best qualities. It is made a polymer with lots of carboxyl groups. These carboxyl groups tend to release hydrogen ions, which actually drive most of its properties. Due to the electric charge, it attracts free radicals, metals and all the other toxins roaming inside your body, and thus acting like an incredible detox agent. It can easily compound with those toxins, radicals, and metals and break them down so that they become soluble in water. And ultimately then pass through the body easily.

Because of the fact that Fulvic acid is a source of all the major electrolytes and antioxidants, it is great for controlling the inflammation and slows down the process of aging. Due to its unique structure, it helps out with several of the cellular processes, digestive abilities, the health of heart and brain, and muscle functions. It also acts as an ion transporter by helping the cells absorb the nutrients that they need and taking out the ones they discard.

What Forms Does it Come in?

There are three major forms that it is available in.

Solid Form

In a hard solid form, it has a yellow color and a very unpleasant taste. People take it with some sort of beverage like juice or smoothies by mixing the powder in. this not only masks the taste but also helps the absorption since already in liquid form there is no need for the body to break it down.

Liquid Form

In a liquid form, it is much easier to take. Especially because it is readily available as soon as it reached inside your body and there is no lead time for breaking it down into particles for the body to absorb is easy.

Organic Crop

It is actually an indirect way to intake fulvic acid, but you can get in more if you take it in the organic produce. It can actually be good because it contains many other nutrients that the body requires as well.

Why Do You Need Fulvic Acid?

We are civilized people. Of course, we use tons of antibiotics, hand sanitizers, food pesticides and all the other stuff that is something of a must in a germ-fearing culture that we have around here. But as we need nature more than we think, and that includes the soil.

It’s not the soil-based organisms but our obsession with the overly clean things that pose a threat. In fact, a study showed that over-sanitization can lead to reduced absorption ability and increase the susceptibility to the infection and diseases.

And that’s not it. Due to the extensive use of chemicals in farming practices, we are running at absolutely low key nutrients. Children are not allowed to get into contact with the dirt these days – in fact with the technology so addictive they hardly even want to – and the chances are even slimmer for the adults, this is taking a toll on our immune system and making us weak and vulnerable to the organisms that can actually cause serious harm.

In the old days, the food supply used to much healthier. Free of any kind of chemicals and filled with all the important nutrients and natural organisms that needed by the human body to function well. Now with people obsessed with sanitization and not getting enough organic food, they are deficient in some major nutrients. This over-cleanliness makes the “good bacteria” in our digestive systems weak, affecting the immune system alongside and increases the chance of disease formation. Fulvic acid has many benefits that can help out the people in today’s so-called clean world. It helps with:

  • Digestion
  • Gut Health
  • Protection of Brain and Heart
  • Nutrient Assimilation
  • Immunity
  • Slowing Aging
  • Skin Health
  • Energy Levels
  • Protection from Infections

And much more.

Are There Any Side Effects of Fulvic Acid?

Studies have declared fulvic acid safe for intake. However, tests have not been conducted on people with special conditions such as people with the impaired immune system or pregnant ladies.

For a normal person, it is absolutely a green light. However, a high intake may incur some kinds of side effects. By high intake, it means that you take it in its pure form and in a high quantity. It is recommended that you don’t take it directly in its pure form and that you start slowly with it. And then you can just test by increasing the intake gradually as your body gets used to it. It shouldn’t take a lot of time as it is absolutely natural and totally goes with your metabolism.

If you have some kind of problem, like an abnormally functioning immune system, you are advised against its usage unless you are monitored. There isn’t much known about how it acts when used in special conditions like on a pregnant woman. In fact, it better to avoid it sometime after the birth as well as long as you breastfeeding.…